The Seven of Wands Tarot Cardaˆ™s True-meaning: Like, Health Insurance And Revenue

The Seven of Wands Tarot Cardaˆ™s True-meaning: Like, Health Insurance And Revenue

Just like the Five of Wands, the Seven of Wands compels us showing energy and nerve in personal fights. However, it targets defending whatever you have, whereas the 5 of Wands normally concerns unfulfilled needs.

Graphic Aspects and Symbolization

The Seven of Wands card shows a guy holding big rod in a protective situation. Their adversaries are regarding structure, but their wands is seen in the air. The guy was sitting on a hill and is also in a forceful stance, while their adversaries reside the low ground. This indicates your he is defending himself and fending down a threat.

The fact you canaˆ™t see his competitors implies that the hazard along with his need certainly to retaliate are in the mind. In Rider-Waite deck, the person normally wearing two various sneakers aˆ” more proof their unsteadiness and of the situationaˆ™s ambiguity.

The Seven of Wands cards as an individual

People that determine with the Seven of Wands credit has powerful beliefs consequently they are never daunted by having to battle for whataˆ™s correct. A Seven of Wands people are brave, determined, and will not let others substitute their own method. They even generate big partners to marginalized folks, improving the less powerful inside their fight oppression.

Querents just who take the Seven of Wands are at risk of are overly protective and accusatory, often seeing opinion and injustice in which there wasnaˆ™t any. They ought to end seeing everybody as an opponent and become most inclined to offering other individuals the benefit of the question.

Seven of Wands aˆ” Saddo

The Seven of Wands Upright: Great Meanings

The upright Seven of Wands is actually a symbol of dedication, self-defense, and standing for what you believe in.

Enjoy and interactions

Youaˆ™ve been experience that the connection try endangered by a fresh people or outside circumstances. Instead of worrying and obsessing over this seen menace, target strengthening their relationship along with your spouse. Talk about your worries and get away from blaming each other when products fail.

Both of you come in this for long term. You’ll be able to resist any challenge if youaˆ™re ready to work things out.


There’s a lot of opposition for your existing place and youaˆ™re feeling the requirement to protect yourself from getting pressed out. Pulling the Seven of Wands was an indication that although you will need to work tirelessly to prove your importance on the business, you’re going to be effective keeping in mind your task and therefore are likely to become presented quickly. As long as you stays centered, little takes they far from your.


You might be carefully taking action to guard the riches you really have gained. Last along this route by vigilantly save, producing sound investment, and purchasing land. You can expect to set a big inheritance your young children making generous donations to foundation.


You have been fighting an arduous problems for a long time today. Although it will need a great amount of work and reliance on the help community, in the long run could generate the full data recovery.

The Seven of Wands Reversed: Unfavorable Definitions

The corrected Seven of Wands shows feelings of weakness, vulnerability being overwhelmed. You happen to be extremely sensitive to feedback. Summoning all your valuable nerve shall be wildbuddies giriÅŸ the answer to your ability to succeed.

Really love and relations

Your or your spouse are contacting they quits. Living to all requires youraˆ™ve been creating from one another was challenging on both sides. If you like their link to final, youraˆ™ll need certainly to combat because of it. This really is problematic for your, especially considering the fragility of current psychological county, in case your value your spouse it would be beneficial over time.

Should youaˆ™re unmarried, this cards is actually a sign that insecurity is actually stopping you against discovering like. You are feeling poor and unlovable, making you reject people before they may be able reject your. Understand that susceptability can be a strength, which itaˆ™s in fact an important part of a healthy and balanced commitment.